In tonight’s episode – Vitamins Come From Food, Not Gummies – I get real about foodiness “vitamins”; how the real reason we think we need to take foodiness vitamins is because we don’t eat real food with real vitamins; the fact that nobody actually knows what vitamins taken out of food and put into supplements actually do or don’t do; how taking vitamins out of context and putting them in another context is like when Madonna acts; how putting vitamins into things like Gummy Bears is just giving people an excuse to sit around and eat candy; how certain vitamins can be toxic in large doses, which taking in candy form puts people at risk for; how if you’re going to overdose (or worse, choke) at least go out in a blaze of glory like Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix – not sitting on the couch popping Gummy Vitamins in front of Bridezillas; and how to realistically get all the vitamins you need – which is to just eat real food.