In tonight’s episode — Edible Ads Are The Toilet Babies Of Food — I get real about Foodiness™ that was never food in the first place; how edible ads for orange-flavored Fanta flavored like Fanta orange-flavoring are even further down the Foodiness™ rabbit hole than vitamin enhanced artificial sweetener and Pepsi with added fiber; how edible ads are the social-media equivalent of Japanese teenagers who spend 24 hours a day playing video games and never leave their bedrooms — there was never a there-there to begin with; how you shouldn’t be eating paper in the first place — unless it’s about one quarter inch in size with an image of Alice on it; how eating ads for Foodiness™ is literally ingesting truthiness; and how the next logical step from edible ads are flavored apps — but keep a look out for the Let’s Get Real acid-flavored app launching this spring.