One night a few weeks ago I was at some event where I had a few too many drinks, then came home, turned on the tv, and fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, I noticed that I had drunkenly put a note into my phone to remind my future sober self about an ad I’d seen that hazy night for an iconic, brazenly balls-out Foodiness product. Luckily, in my intoxicated state I’d had the wherewithal to make the note, because in the morning I saw it and had no memory of seeing the ad. Don’t judge, we’ve all been there.

The product, was “Hershey’s Mix-Ins YOGURT”. Yes, hyper-sweetened, industrially produced crappy yogurt with a little cup of tiny candy bars to mix in or dip in, to make your yogurt into just a cup of candy. Now I’ve talked about Trix yogurt before, and Yo-crunch which has little crunchy cookie bits and stuff to add in, but this is really a new low in foodiness, a new frontier, a new BLURRED LINE that we’ve crossed (if you listen to the episode you’ll get the blurred line reference, I’m such a tease…just like the girl in that song apparently is too!). A line that’s become so blurred, that it’s almost totally invisible. It’s the Foodiness equivalent of the 49th parallel. Since now that Canada has crazy gunmen just like us, the line between candy and yogurt is gone too. We may as well just let the Canadians take over, or maybe the North Koreans. Either way, we’re dead