Does milk do a body good? Maybe if you’re Mongolian.

When Mongolian milk was tested against American conventionally produced milk, the American milk had 33 times more estrogen and 10 times more progesterone in it than the Mongolian milk. The Mongolian cows are only milked for human consumption 5 months a year, following their natural fertility cycles.

Here in the Foodiness-filled US, we’ve GOT MILK coming from those cows 300 days/year, thanks to them being kept preggers and producing all year round. A pregnant cow produces way more hormones than a non-preggers one. And she’s milked all throughout her delicate condition. That means a lotta hormones in the milk, and in you. And, she’s producing way more milk. So it makes financial sense for dairy farmers to keep them knocked up all year round, fat and pregnant, eating their corn and soy-based feed products, standing around, not moving…kind of like some other creatures we know well…

And the more hormonal milk we consume in our hay-lined stalls, the more those hormones are doing bad, bad things to us, like ovarian and breast cancer, feminized testes, and male breasts! What to do? drink ORGANIC, of course!

Got milk? I hope its organic.. Studies have linked consumption of non-organic milk to higher rates of all the down-below ills, ovarian and breast cancer, In particular. Countries with the highest consumption of dairy products have the highest rates of those cancers, plus prostate and testicular cancer too. Those same countries also have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Doesn’t make sense. Why do they keep telling me to eat all that milk to keep my bones strong? But there’s thought now that osteo diseases are caused by too little potassium and no exercise and a foodiness filled diet, not from too little calcium. Which makes perfect sense, since typically asian diets contain no dairy, but a lot of potassium and calcium from other sources.

Got milk? If you don’t want to eat sh*t, why would you ever drink it?