So while you are listening to this week’s show about the candification of American food, I am in Utah at a hiking bootcamp spa-ish kind of place, getting some much-needed outdoor time and a lot of exercise. I already get a lot of exercise at home, but this place kind of forces you to really push your limits, and I want to be pushed to my limits.

The food at the spa (it’s not really a spa) is tolerable, but still, Foodiness slips its sticky fingers into everything these days….Especially when it comes to sweetness. We are here because we are interested in health and well-being, right? So why are they using stuff like Splenda and Stevia in our food? Can’t we just eliminate the sweetness factor in the menu for a week? I snuck a look at the recipe binder for the cook, and I’d say 50% of the recipes called for Foodiness additions. From sugar-free marmalade, and diet soda in baked goods, to cooking spray and margarine!!

I know its all well-intentioned, and people do come here to lose weight, but I cant get away from the Foodiness! I don’t need everything I eat to be sweet, but it seems as if we have become a nation of sweetness addicted overgrown children. Do I need to eat Splenda-sweetened fake ice cream after dinner? No, I’m pretty sure I don’t. How ’bout an apple?