I’m trying to find some gardenburger seeds…

But none of the seed catalogs seem to carry them…Any leads?

I have no beef with vegetarians, eat meat, don’t eat meat, it’s all good, as they say. (They say it, I try not to) We have choice here in the good old US of A. At least until next November, then all bets are off…But.

Give up meat if you want, give up dairy, wheat, carbs, meth, crack, gin, whores, closeted gay sex, whatever you want to give up, just DO it…But don’t then try to replace the given-up thing with a simulated version of it! If you are truly repulsed by meat, or ethically opposed or whatever it is, then eat f*ing mushrooms and beans and quinoa and spinach. You’ll feel great! That’s what I call a vegetarian real-food eater. But don’t go swapping out your meat with vegetarian Foodiness, fer’ chrissakes! Why would you eat vegetarian simulacra faux-meat products like tofu-dogs or soy cheese or chik’n nuggets, if you are philosophically opposed to eating animals? Huh? It’s like Tranny Chasers, closeted gay men who have sex with transvestites (pre-op), so they can still convince themselves that the person under that dress is ┬áreally a woman, and they’re not gay after all!

I know its a whacked analogy, but its kinda perfect, isn’t it?