Tonight, on “Let’s Get Real”…The staff of life, the breadwinner, our daily bread, my comPANion…bread is deep within us, it’s what made us, and our culture, way back when. Before my ancestors – and I don’t mean Jackie Mason and Dinah Shore – were fleeing from Egypt with those tasteless crackers and no butter for them, bread was being baked, by hand, from 2 ingredients: water and flour. And then, along came…Foodiness! And now, we have sandwich thins and ingredient lists with stuff that sounds like they belong in hair gel. Actually, hair gel might be better for you…Our bread has been candified, squishified, whitened and brightened, and made to taste like cake. If I want cake, I’ll eat cake. Let them eat bread, but only if it’s real bread, which doesn’t have anything in it that sounds like it belongs in a pharmaceutical. Otherwise, better off eating hair products.