In tonight’s very special rerun – Performance Doesn’t Come In Bar Form – I get real about the zero calorie, cherry-flavored, energy sports drinks I’ve seen you guzzling this summer, not to mention that s’more flavored protein bar I spotted you knocking down before spin class Saturday morning. You obviously need to repeat this course in Foodiness Reeducation Camp. So tonight, I get real – one more time – about fitness foodiness; how bars, drinks, powders, and supplements made with chemicals and artificial sweeteners and promising to deliver energy, build muscle, give strength, help with endurance, manage weight and make you lean don’t make you ripped – they just rip you off; how the flavoring – cookies, candy or Kool-Aid – is appropriate for toddlers, not triathletes; how fitness foodiness takes you so far down the rabbit hole that you wind up on the other end where there is no food at all – meanwhile exercising is when you need food the most; and how to realistically eat for peak performance, which is just to eat real food. …and don’t let me have to tell you again!