In tonight’s episode – Choosy “Mommies” Don’t Choose Jif – I get real about what foodiness™ has done to peanut butter and jelly; how real peanut butter is to foodiness™ “peanut butter” as The Music Man is to Spiderman: The Musical, and real jelly is to foodiness™ “jelly” as Goldie Hawn is to Jessica Simpson; how there’s nothing “choosy” about eating peanut butter with sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oils or jelly with corn syrup and sugar; how to get real – buy peanut butter with one ingredient (peanuts) or jelly with three (fruit, sugar and pectin), or just make your own damn peanut butter – it has one ingredient, and if you can’t make something with one ingredient you’ve got bigger problems than real peanut butter and jelly can solve.