Organic produce isn’t really organic. Italian olive oil is neither Italian nor made from olives. Radiation from Fukushima has f*ed up Wild Alaskan salmon. Water is already smart, but not if they frak it up.

Nobody understands better than I do that, when it comes to food, ignorance is bliss. Just one little thing: it’s only blissful until you get diabetes. Then it’s needle time, not to mention becoming the wrong kind of statistic, if you know what I mean.

So in tonight’s refresher course – Ignorance Is Bliss…Until You Get Diabetes – I get real again about the fact that getting real about food is not blissful; how living in a world where you just choose between the red and purple zero-calorie sports drink; the veggie puffs and the protein bar; or the salmon and the tuna feels blissful…until you get cancer, mercury poisoning, heart disease and/or diabetes; how opening up the menu and having to choose between the industrially raised corn-fed steak full of hormones and the industrially raised corn-fed chicken full of hormones can cause food-paralysis and First World eating disorders like Orthorexia (or fear of eating non-healthy foods), when the reality is that people in sub-Saharan Africa aren’t tortured over the fact that the grain of rice that just came off the U.N. plane has a big carbon footprint and is covered in pesticide residue; and how to accept the cold-hard realities of no longer being ignorant, which is to realize that at least you’re thin and can feel superior to people who don’t know any better.

And if you’ve learned anything from listening to Let’s Get Real, it’s that the only thing that tastes better than being thin is feeling superior to people who don’t know any better. Knowing too much about food takes care of both! So tune in!