Even more important than having a TED platform from which to take the real food movement to task for failing to communicate to the mainstream is the fact that now I — and my co-producer Chris Nutter — are officially the right kind of people. …and they put our Jesus joke on their Facebook page!

In tonight’s episode — This Is A Dramatization Of My TEDx Talk — I get real about the fact that I don’t have a clip of my talk yet from the TED people,  I can’t wait for the clip to blatantly self-promote that I gave a TEDx talk, and so I’m doing a reenactment of it (why not?); how I got to road test not just my ideas but my jokes, how they got both and, most important, put my Jesus joke on the TEDx Facebook page; and how if giving a TEDx talk doesn’t make you the right kind of people, nothing will, which means I (and my co-producer Chris) are firmly enshrined in the “us” category — you know who “us” are — and now officially better than “them”. So if you want to keep being “us” and not “them”, tune in!