In tonight’s episode – You Can Buy Frozen Food And Still Be The Right Kind Of People – I get real about the difference between frozen food and frozen foodiness; about how, as real food elitists, we believe that only the wrong king of people shop in the frozen food section, but as long as you’re buying frozen real food you can still be the right kind of people…as long as you don’t linger in that aisle too long; and how you should know the difference between frozen real food (blueberries, green beans, wild salmon) and frozen foodiness (Hot Pockets, Lean Cuisine Salad Editions, diet muffin tops) without me telling you, but you should still tune in any way just to listen to me make fun of people who don’t.
So if you don’t want to eat shit and you do want to buy the right kind of frozen real food and be the right kind of people, tune in!