10-01-13-show-artIn tonight’s very special second anniversary episode – Erica Gets Rid Of All The “Negativity” In Her Life 2ndAnniversary Special – I get real about trying to be “less negative” about this year’s top ten foodiness™ stories, such as:

  • A non-ironic foodiness™ product actually called “Soylent Corps”
  • The 7-Elevenification of Manhattan
  • M and M Flavored Real Honey
  • People that eat ads
  • Ads that eat people

But the less “negative” point is that Armageddon is still around the corner and is going to put an end to all of this.

Special appearances by little Lexi and Hampton in their new Zen Suits, Erica shamelessly plugging her TEDx talk (again), texting nannies, toilet babies and a teaser for LGR’s Terrible Twos.

So if you don’t want to be “less negative” – especially about foodiness – and you don’t want to eat shit, tune in!