In tonight’s episode, Homemade Christmas Cookies made from crushed up cookies rolled in canned frosting and then coated in other crushed up cookies, are the cookie equivalent of Carrie Underwood as Maria Von Trapp, I get real about baking real holiday cookies, for REAL. Like actually measuring the ingredients yourself, and like actually using ingredients; not mixes, or packages, or cans. Because not knowing how to measure, or mix, or bake for yourself, let alone cook for yourself, can lead to a lifetime of dependence and acceptance of Kim Jong Un-level Foodiness™ propaganda. And you know what happens to you in that regime, if you don’t swallow the cookie-flavored Kool-Aid… So this year, if you don’t want to eat Christmas Foodiness™ cookie sh*t, tune in live tonight at 6:30 on, or later tonight on