On today’s episode of Let’s Get Real, “And Mel Says, It’s Because You’re Slow as Poop!” I get a little bit “earthy”, if you know what I mean. No? Do I have to spell it out for you? P.O.O.P. It’s a show about poop, ok? Specifically, my own superhuman, olympic-level skill set, and how I got there. Too much sharing? Well it’s only because I care…

Sorry, am I making you a little queasy? It’s not exactly a tasteful subject, but as I always say in each episode, and in fact the tagline for this very radio show, about to mark it’s 100th episode, is “if you don’t want to eat sh*t”. But we never discuss what happens after you eat anything, shit or otherwise. I mean, we all know what “happens” after you eat, we learned that in kindergarten, at least we did back when you could teach actual science–now apparently the food angels just turn it into glitter and it floats out of your ears–but ironically, the more shit you eat, the worse shit you.. well, you know.

Also, we taste-test HolyCrapCereal, which is quite unusual for us here in the foodiness fallout shelter, since I generally reject all packaged foods. But these guys seem to have gotten it right, and they sent me some for free, so I ate it. And I announce our first-ever contest and giveaway, so that ought to be pretty exciting, too.

And then a little discussion about my cousin Robin, and her successful anti-Foodiness campaign, and oh yeah, some stuff about lentils, too. All in all, an excellent way to spend 30 minutes, so have yourself a listen, ok?