Do you remember Mel, from way back in the poop episode? You know, from “And Mel says, that’s because you’re slow as poop!”? Yeah, that Mel. Well Mel makes another appearance this week on LGR, as I relay yet another sparkling nugget of verbal gold that tumbled from his mouth this summer and helped spark the idea for this episode.

And speaking of summer, which it technically still is, this is the season for late-summer vegetables! The best stuff like zucchini and peppers and tomatoes, and eggplant. Especially eggplant. I’ve been eating and therefore thinking about a lot of eggplant this past week, and I’ve come to some very important realizations about it, our history, our political past, and our culture. It all sounds very highbrow and PBS doesn’t it? Well it is, and all that plus even more pops up in this episode! Because where else but on LGR would you ever find a connection between Teddy Roosevelt, eggplant, and not paying for cable.