Eat any rocks lately? Crunch on any stones, munch a bowl of pebbles? (other than Fruity or Coco) No? Probably ’cause we don’t really eat rocks…we aren’t birds, with their gizzards or crops, and we don’t need to eat rocks like they do. ‘Cept salt, of course, the only “rock” that we eat. We can’t survive without that rock, thank god, because food without salt tastes like…rocks. Or maybe air. 

But sometimes stones, rocks, pebbles, they sneak in. They find their way into our food, our bodies, our beings, and not in good ways. Not in healthy mineral-rich ways, more like in majorly disruptive ways. Stupid rocks. Always getting in way, messing up my plans…Intrigued?Listen to today’s show to find out what happened when I ignored the stony signs.