You know sometimes it can get a little lonely, down here in the Foodiness™ Fallout Shelter…fighting the good fight for REAL from way down here, it can be a little isolating. With the twins, Lexi and Hampton (remember them? I barely do…) off at reeducation camp after they tried to hide those gummy vitamins in their underwear drawer over Christmas break, and the Fallout Shelter team off Mormon-style Anti-Foodiness missions around the globe, I’m all by myself down here. It can make a person a little nutty…

So, I’ve decided it’s time to start having some guests pop in for a chat ’round the fire. We don’t really have a fire, but you can smell the pizza oven from Roberta’s, so it’s close enough.

To stave off the nuttiness that the loneliness of fighting Foodiness™ can create, who better to visit with than the misses Tannenbaum and Tutunjan, aka Cara and Andrea, the co-authors of “In A Nutshell; Cooking and Baking with Nuts and Seeds”? Not only did they write THE book on the subject, but I’ve known them forever. And if there were ever an LGR approved, Foodiness-fightin’ food(s), it’s NUTS AND SEEDS!

Oh and also we’ll discuss the FDA’s ridiculous removal of the word HEALTHY from the label of Kind Bars…for one of the dumbest, most outdated reasons ever.