It’s so nice down here today, in the ‪Foodiness™ fallout shelter. We’re having quite the stretch of chilly, wet weather in Brooklyn this week, which I’m perversely kind of enjoying, considering what’s to come (NYC hell season), but down here today, it’s cozy and dry.

However, in anticipation of another brutishly soul-sucking NYC summer, I had Handyman-Husband-Adam install a beer draft line system in the shelter, so we could drink frosty mugs full of crisp, bitter IPA’s all summer long, and avoid the glare of the midday sun and the noise and crowds of the Brooklyn pub scene. We’re getting too old for that, you see.

So to celebrate the installation of the tap lines, I’ve invited a couple of doppelganger misanthropes with whom I’ve become virtually-friendly with lately, the Beer Curmudgeons, Sayre Piotrkowski and Collin McDonnell! I was a guest on their podcast a while back (Episode 6, fyi) and today they return the favor. Sayre is an old friend of the Foodiness Fallout Shelter’s resident nutrition goddess, Kristin Wartman! She made the hookup for us, and now we’re like one, big, curmudgeonly-grumpypants family. Good thing we have beer.