Tonight, on “Let’s Get Real”….It was the perfect storm. The late Victorian era and its obsession with purity of body and soul, (meaning pooping) the exploding of the industrial revolution, and the dawn of “marketing” from America’s food manufacturers. Guess what they all combined to invent? Foodiness Breakfast Mania! This is where it all began, folks, with a rolled out oat flake and a fear of the body and all its messy needs and discharges. So in came Foodiness, to fill the void (so to speak)….and now we have Cereal and “Milk” bars with no actual milk products in them…OMG! Better off eating leftover pizza than an organic poptart is my motto, I learned that from my niece, who commands no definition of what makes a food meal-specific, and will happily eat pad thai or caesar salad for her morning meal.