In tonight’s episode – You Are What Your Fish Ate – I get real about what foodiness has done to fish; about how we’re all constantly told by too blond, too skinny, too happy, tan-in-January nutritionists on morning talk shows to eat oily fish like salmon or tuna in order to get our Omega 3’s, while conveniently ignoring that farmed salmon is low in Omega-3’s (and high in Omega-6’s, which can cause heart disease) and tuna is toxic with mercury (and on the verge of extinction); how non-foodies are vaguely aware something is up with fish, but they think, “I’m not eating McDonalds, so how bad could it be?”; and how to realistically get real about fish: only eat “wild” salmon; try smaller, lower profile fish like sardines and herring; and don’t eat tuna at all – it’s completely f*ed up.