In tonight’s episode – Believe in Butter – I get real about what foodiness has done to butter; how the campaign to topple real butter and replace it with foodiness “butter” began, as it always does, by demonizing the sinfully delicious real thing in the same way religion demonized sex, drugs and rock n’ roll; how foodiness’ allegedly better early alternatives – margarine and its poor relative Crisco – made from toxic hydrogented vegetable oils turned out to be as sickening a replacement as virginity, sobriety, and Hannah Montana; how butter is fattening but it’s also good for the brain and if we ate more real butter and less fake “butter” we’d be smart enough to stop believing in fake alternatives across the board (see Facebook, reality shows, Mitt Romney); and how to realistically get real about butter, which is, when you can, to buy organic and / or grass fed…but even industrialized real butter is better than butter you shouldn’t “believe” in.