In tonight’s episode – The End Is Near…What’s for Dinner? – I get real about what we’re going to serve for armageddon; how food manufacturing has removed us so far from the source of food that we understand as much about where our food comes from and how it’s produced as we understand how our cell phone works, how you can rewind the TV, and how Susan Lucci never looks a day over 35; how when the apocalypse comes – brought on by solar flares, a super volcano, nuclear meltdown, Secretary of State Sarah Palin – if we want to survive we had better be prepared; how to prepare – store lots of canned beans, honey, cereal and weed – although apocalyptic survival usually boils down to eating people (see Soylent Green, Logan’s Run); and the perks to the apocalypse, which is that you won’t have to pay your student loans after all and you finally make your goal weight.