In tonight’s episode – Eat Chicken, Not Fingers – I get real about what foodiness™ has done to chicken; how foodiness™ manufacturing has turned chicken into a flubber-like substance that forms a hydra-head of chicken-esque products like chicken dogs, chicken sausage, chicken patties, chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, chicken bacon and chicken-flavored veggie burgers; how these chicken-esque products are as far removed from the original as “crack is whack” Whitney was from “I wanna dance with somebody” Whitney; how to get real, which is to start buying whole chickens (if you don’t know what it looks like think a silicone breast implant with wings) or at least chickens that have a recognizable part of a bird; and how, if you want to get really real, buy “pastured” chickens, but even a hormone-filled real chicken is better than a “chicken” hydra-head made of flubber.