In tonight’s episode – The You-Know-Who’s Don’t Control The Media, Foodiness™ Does – I get real about how foodiness™ totally dominates the media; how the premise of every TV segment on food – how to lose weight, how to eat more fish, how to get more vitamins – starts off with the premise that fat-free zero calorie carb free chocolate chip fiber bars, tuna toxic with mercury and gummy vitamins with extra protein are food in the first place; how, if mercury, corn syrup, artificial flavors, artificial colors, estrogen, antibiotics and propylene glycol were called out as not food all these TV shows and TV nutritionists and TV segments would implode like the last scene from Poltergeist; and how that, as soon as Erica and her people (you know who they are) have seized back control of the media like God intended, we’ll be done with all the mishegoss of foodiness™ because the Chosen People don’t want a population of 600 pound potato people driving motorized scooters through Taco Bell drive thrus – those people don’t get the jokes.