Not something Let’s Get Real made up: Down the Foodiness™ rabbit hole, past the Diet Soda Program For Less Diabetes, just to the right of the Zero Calorie Powered Donut Clinic For Diet And Health, you’ll find the The Coca Cola Institute for Health and Wellness giving you “nutrition” advice. That’s why you should always listen to Erica: if it comes in a bottle, don’t drink it…unless it’s booze.

Last week I did a very politically correct and culturally sensitive show called “The You-Know-Who’s Don’t Control the Media, Foodiness™ Does.” And in it I got real with you about how foodiness™ totally dominates the media. Well, it turns out Big Foodiness™ has bought out nutritionists and nutritionist organizations too. And here tonight to get real about it is non Kool-Aid Drinking nutritionist and food journalist Kristin Wartman to talk about her latest piece in Civil Eats about how the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics sold out to Coke, Pepsi and Unilver. So if your nutritionist prescribes diet soda with added vitamins — and you notice they just bought a new Cadillac Escalade – you might want to consider making a change. Or just listen to Let’s Get Real: it’s the only way to ensure that you don’t eat shit.