In tonight’s episode – Omega 3’s Come From Fish, Not Cookies – I get real with special guest Kristin Wartman about foodiness “nutrition”; how, just like Facebook has replaced friends with “friends” (or friendiness), foodiness has replaced nutrition with “nutrition”; how we’re not getting the nutrition we need because we aren’t eating food, so putting antioxidants in cookies, vitamins in artificial sweeteners, fiber in Pepsi and calcium in orange juice is just a foodiness™ solution to a foodiness-made problem; how, just like children growing up today will have 1,000 “friends”, no friends, and will think that being alone on a computer is socializing, they’ll also think whole grains are found in Gold Fish crackers, fiber in cheese-cake flavored yogurt and protein in marshmallow-flavored candy bars; and how, food is already functional and doesn’t have to be “enhanced”, so if we just ate real food we’d get all the nutrition we needed and wouldn’t have to eat fiber-enhanced yogurt…hear that Jamie Lee???