What happens when you add 7-11 to the East Village? Goodbye Capital of Counterculture and hello just-another-counter to self-serve your Slurpee.

Get the 411 on 7-Eleven’s plans to “Pringle-ize” the East Village with truthiness and Foodiness™ when I give the ultimate non-Kool-Aid interview with NO 7-11 NYC’s Bob Holman and Dr. Rob Hollander on 7-Eleven Is To The East Village What Pringles Are To Potatoes, airing Tuesday, February 12 at 6:30pm.

…and while you’re at it, get off the couch at go become a “friend” of NO-711 NYC and follow them on Twitter. You should also follow EV Grieve and Vanishing New York, both of which are doing the real journalistic dirty work on the Pringle-ization of New York City. Actually, you don’t have to get off the couch to do something! That’s the beauty of “social” media – you can be a lazy f**k and still be an activist!

And if you don’t want to eat sh*t, and you don’t want to be Pringle-ized, tune in!