In tonight’s episode — Trending Now: Bloody Butchers, Severed Pigs Feet, And Microwavable Lasagna Tainted With Meat — I get real about foodiness meat discoveries and real meat circle-jerks; how, if you buy foodiness lasagna you deserve to discover it’s tainted — only at least it’s tainted with food; how the newest real food elite fetish is bloody, Silence of the Lambs-style meat experiences — which would be okay if it weren’t for having to buy it from Hipster butchers covered in tattoos; how we’re as removed from the blood and guts of our meat as Drone pilots are from blood and guts of war — the only thing missing is an Xbox joystick; and how, if you can’t look a horse in the eye right before you eat it you’re never going to survive the apocalypse — and if there is any sign that the end is near it’s discovering meat in Ikea meatballs.