I know I know I know…it’s swimsuit season, the traditional time for the emergency diet. I understand the temptation! But just one little problem:  If Diets Worked Kirstie Alley Would Stay Thin

So in tonight’s eat and rerun, I get real again with special guest Kristin Wartman about foodiness diets; how foodiness is what is making us fat (and stupid) in the first place, and products like Isagenix, Nutrisystem and Sensa are just foodiness solutions to foodiness-made problems; how, with ingredients like artificial sweeteners, yellow #5, stimulants and polysorbate 80, foodiness diets are about as real (and good for your health) as Nicole Richie’s reality show about her QVC fashion line; how, if they worked, celebrity endorsers like Kristie Allie and Jessica Simpson would stay thin; and how if we just ate real food we’d lose weight…and probably be smart enough to realize we shouldn’t be listening to Jessica Simpson.

And seriously, take a look at a product like Isagenix – it’s artificially colored and flavored brown powder. At least in my day when it was swimsuit season we dieted on cottage cheese and Tab – not Soylent Brown.

So if you want to stay thin and you don’t want to eat Soylent Brown, tune in!