In tonight’s episode – Trending Now: Buzz Aldrin Admits Tang Sucks, Soylent Corp. Is Not Ironic, and Pepsi-Free Pepsi– I get real about the latest trends down the Foodiness™ rabbit hole; how the second man to walk on the moon finally confessed that Tang sucks, only to recant (which proves that Jews don’t control the media, Foodiness does); how Brooklyn 20-somethings starting up food replacement products and calling themselves Soylent Corporation without even knowing about Soylent Green goes to show you how far down the Irony Rabbit Hole we are; and how it turns out the gunk that makes Pepsi brown is toxic, so keep a look out for Pepsi-Free Pepsi…but I really shouldn’t be giving these ideas away for free.

So if you don’t want to eat shit in powder form or drink the all new Pepsi-Free Pepsi then tune in!