In tonight’s episode – Be Into Amway or Est, Not Juicing – I get real about the foodiness lifestyle of juicing; how, if you can’t water or beverage or wine, then you can’t juice – unless you’re trying to win endorsement deals, the Tour de France or pick up men on Grindr; how taking perfectly good produce and using gobs of resources to turn them into juice, leave tons of waste, pour them into toxic plastic bottles, ship them around the country and charge 5 times as much does mean you can shyst; and how, if you’re going to have a ‘lifestyle’ let it be an alternative lifestyle or the gay lifestyle or lifestyles of the rich and famous and leave the juicing to our sports heroes.

So if you don’t want to be shysted and you don’t want to drink shit, tune in!


On one corner of Manhattan. Why have bars or restaurants or food or boutiques or culture or the arts when you can have…juice?