Hiatus schmiatus, I’m busy, people! I know you are too using all of your Ultimate Reward Points to hop on bikes covered in CitiBank logos. That’s CitiBank, which took 300 billion of our dollars and turned around, kicked out untold numbers of local business by putting up zillions of unnecessary ATMs and bank branches, and has now turned simple bike rides into ads for the bank that owes us 300 billion dollars. Welcome to New York Citi! And why not cool down after your ride with a Sprite-flavored “lite” Slurpee from anyone of the dozens of 7-Elevens in Manhattan now, and many more on the way?

While most of us are updating about the latest cupcake store, some of us are actually doing something about the Mallification of Manhattan.

So in tonight’s don’t-make-me-say-it-again, I get real about what happens when you add 7-11 to the East Village. Goodbye Capital of Counterculture and hello just-another-counter to self-serve your Slurpee.

Get the 411 on 7-Eleven’s plans to “Pringle-ize” the East Village with truthiness and Foodiness™ when I give the ultimate non-Kool-Aid interview with NO 7-11 NYC’s Bob Holman and Dr. Rob Hollander on 7-Eleven Is To The East Village What Pringles Are To Potatoes, airing tonight.

…and while you’re at it, get off the couch at go become a “friend” of NO-711 NYC and follow them on Twitter. You should also follow EV Grieve and Vanishing New York, both of which are doing the real journalistic dirty work on the Pringle-ization of New York City. Actually, you don’t have to get off the couch to do something! That’s the beauty of “social” media – you can be a lazy f**k and still be an activist!