On this episode of Let’s Get Real, The Berries and the Bullsh*t…I’m doing a little happy dance/aqua zumba routine today, to celebrate the closing of not one, but two IHOPS in New York City. IHOP never belonged here in the first place. We never asked for it, it wasn’t on our collective wish-list or our gift registry! Sp take it back! Of course, the empty spaces will probably now be a juice emporia or a bank branch, but whattaya gonna do? At least I don’t have to look at that poster anymore in their window of the jelly donut pancakes, with that little red-poop-like squiggle on the top of the stack…ick. And what actual flavor is jelly donut jelly? Red flavor? What is it, cherry, raspberry, strawberry? Marion Barry? Tee hee… Does anyone even remember Marion Barry?
And hey, while we’re talking red stuff, it’s berry season around here in the northeastern US, so you know what that means….what, you don’t? How long have you all known me now? It BLUEBERRY picking time, as in WILD blueberries, so if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to the studio, do this episode, then head back up to the mountains before the deer eat ’em all. All this and oh yeah, berry-flavored FOODINESS™ on this episode of Let’s Get Real.