On this episode of “Let’s Get Real”…Uh oh..We’re in trouble. Lil’ Baby LGR, after celebrating her/our 100th birthday show, got a very angry letter in the mail. No, not an angry letter from someone who challenges my use of olive oil for sautéing in some dumb old About.com video, or someone who calls me an “angry smirking lesbian” (as if there were something wrong with being THAT!) for my performance on Chopped, no, not one of those letters. Then who from, you ask? And then you say, “wait a minute, before you tell us who, did you say a “letter”, in the “mail”? Yes, a letter. On paper. From Lil Baby LGR’s older brother, “Why We Cook”, do you not remember him? Oh, come on! He had (approx) 100 episodes on Heritage Radio Network too, but now he’s off the air, and off at camp, and he’s mad at us. For what, you ask?…Well, you’ll just have to tune in and listen, because it’s all in the show. So put down the diet iced tea and fat-free frozen muffin tops, cut off a big slice of watermelon and crack open an IPA instead, and pull up a lawn chair. You have 28 minutes to spare for me and my little family, dont’cha?