2015, sounds like the future, right? Well you know the saying, the more things change.. only this year, things really have changed. Some for good, some for bad, some for weird, and in the world of food we’ve seen some stuff too. Profits are down at McDonalds and General Mills, at General Mills, down by 37%! Mostly due to people not eating as much cereal anymore, which is awesome and which I’d like to take personal responsibility for, of course.

Unfortunately, they’re switching from cereal to things like pre-made frozen, or fast-food breakfast sandwiches, and oreo-flavored hyper-sweetened yogurt. But if it means a drop in cereal profits, then I can celebrate it. And Unilever has dropped their lawsuit against the artisanal mayonnaise company called Just Mayo, turns out that the word mayo doesn’t belong just to them, and their Hellman’s chokehold on the world. Ha Ha Unilever. And even McDonald’s CEO is owning up and saying that they really need to take more responsibility in what they serve America’s obese, french fry stuffing masses. I just saw an ad last night for happy meals that now include a little Clementine orange instead of a sugary dessert. I wonder how many will wind up in the trash, but it’s a start. They’re called Cuties, and while the idea of branded fruit bothers me a lot, I can only fight so many battles, and if it means that the proto-obese toddlers are eating a Clementine instead of a cookie, I guess that’s a start. Now what to do about those f*cking nuggets?