Today, on “Body-Snatchers in my Box”…There’s a strange alien creature taking over my garden up at Tiny Bungalow land, and I’m not really sure what it is…could be zucchini, could be cucumbers, could be squash? All I know, is that I didn’t plant it, I didn’t ask it to be there, and it’s sucking me dry. My water, that is. That thing is THIRSTY! But it’s ok, we’re not California, yet.

Oh, and speaking of thirst, did you know that more than half of America’s kids are chronically dehydrated? Yup. Know why? Foodiness™ drinks; like Sporty-Ade and Crappi-Sun pouches, and Juicee-Boxes…and regular and diet sodas, all contribute to fat, sick, and dehydrated kids. Kids who may very well grow up to vote for TED CRUZ! Or even worse! Wait, what’s worse than Ted Cruz?

Listen to find out, on a live, hydrated, and in full living color Let’s Get Real!