Yes! Guests in the Fallout Shelter! I know, you think I’m such a loner-misanthrope-curmudgeon, and I sort of am, but it gets lonely down here. Now that the twins, Lexi and Hampton (remember them? I barely do) are off at Soviet-style reeducation camp (again…) and Jack is all messed up from his trip to Bonnaroo (millennials…oy) I needed some company.

So today, on the show, we have The Sarcastic Nutritionists! Josh and Gretchen, the masterminds behind that snark-tastic name, and the bloggers and “Etsy with a sense of humor” creators of their namesake products come down the ladder to the shelter to talk what else? ‪‎Foodiness‬™. Oh and nutrition, whatever that really means anymore, and my new theory that kids who are diagnosed with ADHD are really just dehydrated.

Join the fun, maybe we’ll have a snark-off, or a sarcasm throwdown… I’ll win. Of course.