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Episode: 80

You can’t make a sandwich from leftover Power Bars


In tonight’s episode: You can’t make a sandwich from leftover Power Bars; I get real about what’s left over when you eat real food. How having a fridge full of leftovers means that you’ve been eating real food, not Foodiness™, and that you care enough about that food to eat it again, and again, and maybe again, if necessary. And how, in cleaning up the Fallout Shelter for the end of the year, I’ve discovered a few forgotten leftovers myself, that I’ll be disposing of properly tonight, on an all new Let’s Get Real!

Episode: 79

If IHOP Gets Lower Than Jelly-Doughnut Pancakes I’ll Drink A Bottle Of Waffle Flavored Vodka


On this week’s episode of Let’s Get Real, I take down the Foodiness-breakfast-industrial complex. But not until after we take an obligatory trip in the Foodiness time machine to California Avenue on Long Island. There we can view my younger, chubbier, nerdier self, embracing and showing off my child-sized Eggo waffles t-shirt that barely covered my Eggo-waffle-induced belly, hanging over my stretchy homemade jeans. We listen in on a conversation between young me and Laura Ingalls, who lived inside my bespectacled head, and then we explore the ways that Foodiness has eaten breakfast alive. Also, a very special guest visits the fallout shelter, Eric Rochow from GardenFork.tv, to have a little chat about making maple syrup. The real kind, not the fakey mapley-flavory kind. So shove over Mrs. Butterworth, its time to not eat sh*t! And after the show, watch Eric and I cook up some REAL Thanksgiving gravy on HIS show! I LOVE the internet!

Episode: 78

If You’re Still Eating Low-Fat, We’re Sending You Back to Cuba


Tonight, on an all-new Let’s Get Real; The wheels on the bus go round and round…And we fight Foodiness™ all around the town! Meet the brand-new addition to the Foodiness™ Fighting Fleet and listen in live for the big unveiling of the big yellow school bus, the one that played a major part in my trauma that was first grade and now shuttles the team around the planet in cushy, infantilized style. Oh yeah, it’s also a Trending Now! show. I almost forgot that in all the excitement about the bus. Get On the Bus!

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