In tonight’s episode – Friends Don’t Let Friends Grill Tofu Hotdogs – I get real about what foodiness has done to complicate summer barbeques; that you now know too much to serve tofu burgers, soy chips and strawberry-flavored vitamin water, but if you do your friends will think you’re “healthy”; that if you serve up classic American junk food like corn-fed industrial hamburgers, potato chips and Budweiser you’ll have fun, but your friends will think you don’t know any better; that if you have a real food extravaganza of grilled, pastured, farm raised hens and local, grass fed burgers and artisanal beer you’ll make a statement that you are better than people who don’t know better, but you won’t have any fun, or any friends; and that your options are to either serve junk food, but leave out a Whole Foods bag so everyone thinks it’s real, serve real food but balance it off with Puerto Rican rum and Kool-Aid, or just let the Orthorexia win and don’t eat anything…because nothing tastes as good as being thin, or superior.