Awwwww!!! It’s that time of year again!! Time for little Lexi and Hampton to get ready to eat chocolate covered bunnies. What a treat! You’re such a great “mommie” to only let them have sweets on special occasions. …just one little thing: they eat chocolate covered whole wheat organic Pop Tarts for breakfast; chocolate covered cereal bars with omega 3’s for midmorning snack; and of course the nanny always keeps chocolate flavored fiber bars and whole grain chocolate flavored gold fish crackers for their uber-important after school snack the pediatrician says they have to take with their Ritalin. The only thing missing is a chocolate flavored app for their iPhones. …but I really shouldn’t be giving these ideas away for free.

Looks like you’re being held back and forced to repeat last year’s episode If It’s As Sweet As Candy, It Is.

So tonight I am getting real again about the candification of food; how becoming accustomed to everything being sweetened – from breakfast bars and peanut butter to sports drinks and steak sauce – is another foodiness firewall because it makes real food taste like sh*t in comparison; why anyone would care (because it’s turning all of us into the kind of people you see on the Biggest Loser); and the realistic solution, which is to treat sweetness like a recreational drug that you do occasionally, not all the time.

In the meantime, since all little Lexi and Hampton eat are sweets masquerading as food, why don’t you give them a really special Easter treat and feed them real food…like their pet rabbit! Think they won’t eat it? Starve them for a couple of days and then see if they’ll eat it. If it raises eyebrows amongst the other mommies you can always say you bought it at Whole Foods.