If you can be consumed by a Foodiness ad here, you can be consumed by a Foodiness ad anywhere.

In tonight’s episode – Trending Now: Edible Consumers, Chicken That Makes You Gay, And $18 Artisanal … in Cleveland! – I get real about the latest trends down the Foodiness™ rabbit hole; how edible ads seemed like the lowest form of Foodiness™, but all-encompassing mega-ads that you can’t escape – like the avenue-long ad for Power Water at the Columbus Circle subway concourse – go even lower by consuming consumers; how Tea Partiers who are against chicken that hasn’t been pumped full of hormones are in a real bind now because they now think that the hormones make people gay – but that couldn’t be true because no amount of hormones pumped into chicken could explain Perez Hilton; and how charging $18 dollars for an “artisanal” cocktail in Cleveland really puts the anal in artisanal, because you would have to be a real ass to pay that.